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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  February 11, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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this tuesdayt darya folsom, on very proud of so i'm james fletcher got jon travel, robin winston here with weather and traffic past the battles getting off it is and just remember whe you're going a lot of folks headed to rk and what we've seenon the road we're seeing good condition. so far it's picking up it's getting busy the drive times are increasing, but folks are behaving no hot the bridges all right end of the weather is going to get nice this afternooagain really nice even kind of nice this morning already. >>it's pretty mild out there to start a lot calmer as far as winds go all these denitely nice golden gate bridge. it's crystal clear. o fog whatsoever wds, nice and calmfor the majority of us just a febreezy spots linging on up in t north bay towards sonoma calistoga. that along 80'syou drive on through solano county where in fairfield invacaville you'll
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feel a breeze this morning. but even those winds calm down into the afrnoon. skies, beautiful crystal clear not a cloud in the sky certainly no fog this morning either and lookat these temperatures san francisco oakland berkeley aleda livermore filet wh areas that are in the 60's right now for your current temperatures as yore stepping outside of just 05:00am knapp and timber on it 58 conquered euro, 53 while little cooler in areas like santa rosa petaluma and san anselmo later on today expect 60's and 70's for highs a lot like yesterday keeping that sunshine aroundhose warm temperatures. a gd day to get outside and enjoy yet again. robinsouns good over to the bay bridge toll plaza folks have to get to work some of them are ading intosan francisco. >>the getting stuck in some lines here mainly in some of t cash lanes and fast track lanes so it's a sign that traffic is filling in and quickly. so we have a crowd and it's starting to stretch most back to the 80 over crossing, we'relooking at 10 minus to make it in which is great highway 4 wi open 6.80
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uth nice and smooth and limits trouble free it's under 20 minutes, right now to make it from san leandro to milpitas and then maybe you're commuting from thsouth bay to the peninsula under 30 minutes from san jose to menlo park james star yet. much robin at 5 o one let's get to our p story this morning which is the teachers in the san ramon valley have voted toauthore a strik this comes amid ongoing contract negotiations with the district kron four's will tran is live in san ramon with the latest well. >>dre i'm in front of marsh elementary school here is what you need to know if your kids haveto go to the school district in any one of their schoolson't worry about i the teachers will the headin into the classrooms as center right here onthe picket lines. at least for now this is an ongoinbattle in fact, here's videothat we got last year of the teachers, looking for they paid their pay raise they're looking for more nurses, more help smaller classroomin fact so far
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james in duryea they've gone before a meteor mediator twice with final resolution that satisfactory for either side they are planning to once again meet there's no hard deadline on when the teachers possibly will saenough is enough and thn they will hit the picket lines so they are still talks set f the immediate future, including a public hall meeting with the teachers thimonth and it once again in march in the meantime the teachers are lking to the parents but let's face it they're also at the same time talking to the dirict's saying your time could be running out. >>a quarter of kid which
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would hopefully take >>ok so take a look ayour screen. we got a response from the school district in this is what tey are saying if the district were tagree to all of the current proposals e district would be on a path to insolvency the boardand district remain optimistic th a settlement can be reached once again we still have talks onthe table we talked about thstate possibly stepping in budo not be surprised in james and darya we covered this extenvely last year remember in union city where the teache went on strike right beforthe final so if you're thining it might not happen until next year. it could happen before the end of this year. stay tuned. >>yeah, no kidding off to see how this plays out will thank you for the update. >>time now is 5 oh 4 and the other big story that we're llowing right now another case of the corona virus in understand as an adult who e
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came om wuhan china landed at a militarybase in san diego last week tt person now being treated at a hoital there several oth people on the same flight were also hospitalized for observation. but many have been clear and released. there are now 13 people with the virus in the united states 7 of them are in california. >>in the bay area, the santa clara county supersors exnded a local health emergency because of corona virus. that makes a seven-day want for seven-day declaration was last week this ove doesn't mean there's a greater risk people in the county it doesn't able to county hower to more effectively respond to the outbreak and to se a mutual sure that all doctors have the right tools to keep the community safe. the local health emergency goes through marc11th. >>and as the rona virus concerns grow across the bay area tourism and sinesses, especially in safrancisco are seng a slowdown pier 39
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for example is feeling the impact we heard from a spokesperson, there says restaurants e experiencing fewer walk ins and more last minute cancellations by tour groups. fog harbor fish house for instance which is a hot spot normly fochinese touris f 5% decline in restrant walk ins. president ceo of the hotel counil, san francisco so confirms the slowdown in visitors as well. >>it tells of seeing cancellations the last few weeks with people either in down coming in from asian from stat the hol they spend money outside the hotel as well so one our rooms are for often are rooms that's imacting small businesses around them as well hotels are concerned and we want to make sure we do everything we can to protect our visitors and our emplee >>and businesses should brace for more of a slowdown in the near ture in fact by the end of the week, san francisco international rport will suspend the % of all of its flights to and from china. well speaking of chincheck this out this is video of the wuhan hospital quarantin
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toll is now over a 10 just in mainlanchina alone th over 2400 new cases identified in china. just yesterday. worldwide over 43,000 people have been confirmed infected. >>5 oh 6 and in califor highway patrol officer is charged with having with a teenage girl in fremont the alameda county da announce3 felony charges against 34 year-old brian watkins. police investited him after getting a report about his involvement with the teenage girl last july. they say he met wi her within the city limits of fremont while he was ofduty and they do no believe there are any other victims in the north bay of man wa arrested for a car burglary and also faces firearm charges. police arrested max richards last week after identifying him as a car burglar the burglary happened at black bear ner.
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instigators searched his home on vanessa street found th multiple firearms, including a loaded short-barrel assault rifle, a loaded handgun ammo and several high capacity magazines. >>so the police have arrested 24year-old ryan told for breaking in and burglarizing an apartment in san mateo happened yesterday morning police apparently caht him as he was walking out of the apartment with electronics in his hands. has stepped down as san francisco's public works director mayor london breed announce neri's resignation yesterday or new roost resignation yeterday she placed him on leave the moment that he was arrest and charged with public corruption ong with the owner of lefty o'toole'swho is nick bovis breehas already appointed an acting direor and says the department will move forward under new leadership, read also says that she ill continue to support the investigation. >>it's 5 oh 8 and happening right now the new hampshire primary underway election organizers are under extra pressure to make sure
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everything goes smoothly not like it did in iowa with democrats they want a quick and clean ballot count after what we saw thcaucuses in nearby usinthat app yes we've got leyla cent hog that santiago now with more. >>i think we got a path to victorfor the nomination. senator benie sanders and pete buttigg making their last appeals to primary voters. the dits looking for pport from those who may feel alienated by sanders progrsive agenda. i'm concerned that the idea that you've got either be for revolution. or you must be for the status quo paints a picture where most of us can see oursees. >>where most of us don't know where we fit in. >>sandersonce again attacking buttigieg and joe biden for their rich backers my friend mister are my friend, joe biden. >>dozens and dozens of billion as contributing to their campaign.
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io. biden looking ahead to contests in more divse states, i'm anxious get to south carolin nada our view this is you know of a a package of 4 just out of the gate and i don't i can judge who's ing to be likely be able to win the nomination, a and you have the african american vote and the latino vote. don't come until later. >>biden isn alone in needing a strong finish in new hampshire. >>so as you obably heard we're on a bit of a surge. >>amy klobuchar are making a plea to voters stl on the fence and ve always told people that if you are tired of the extremes. >>in our politics and the noise and the nonsen you have a home with me elizabeth warren stressing democrats shoulreflect on how they failed in 2016, we can't have democrats firing atdemocrats are democrats man and other together as a party. because we've got to beat donald also here for a rally last
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night so you're a lot of republicans tomorrow. >>will vote f the weakest candidate poible of the democrats, my on problem is i'm trying to gure out who is their weakest candidate. i think they're l week. >>and voters in 3 small towns in nehampshire bythe way already cast their votes. they were the fit in the nation for the primary, they voted voted at midnight. 2 very small towns a total of only 27 pele actuay cast ballots in the democratic party, senator amy klobuchar are got votes that was more than any other candidate so for at least the next 19 hours she can promote th she's a number one vo getter so far new hampshire, bnie sanders came in cond place he garned 4 votes the rest of the polling places will close at 4 o'clock our time this afternoon. with thresults coming in shortly thereafter. >>it's 5.11thmorning news and illegal muni ride insan frncis. and apparently this has happened more than once. plus the new bart bass or
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program is in full swing, we'll see how it's going hat writerthink of it. and after the brk strong winds brought down trees on an east bay, go course we'll take a look at the damage. and winds generally coming down today, we are in for a pretty nice one ahead of us really off ready a nicone with 60's or something outside a few spots. >>your forecast ahead. and bridges, the line is growing here at the bay bridge toll the over crossing get on 0 othroughout the country for the past tlve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in acon. mayor blmberg and president obama work together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve educaon, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills need to find good jobs.
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as soon as i started talking putting term limits on congress, about washingt insiders we crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break gernment. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and rporations, but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, healthare or gun safety. the only way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washingn. i'm tom steyernd i approve th message.
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>>a teen right now and we're checking out th weather and look that. yeah we said there was stilwindy yesterday. golf course in the east bay had a tree come wn the way there hide their our ows looking for it in the background right the, wow, there's nothing worse and i do mean nothing worse then golfing in the win this was at e last to see this golf crse in livermore i wou rather gulf in the ain, yes and in the wind yeah look i me and i'm not saying just because the trs right for but for d slide show and share a little did the winter it was a perfect halloween is going right for thwhole is and then the tree but look how close is tree is to like go-ahead away. right for different story, is lucky that nobody got hurt, i can't believe they're all golfing at win anyway because that's just to tear that is asking for a
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terrle game. yeah. >>but no no wood like that today that hot so we do have some spots that are holding on to but it's in the process of ming down now good to say yes we are working our way out of it yesterday for some spots it was not when i walked along a christie still and we're a little bit still is out of my house, but it wasn't like the day before was really how yes so yesterday was kind of a step do or taken the next step down today and today is really are last onthat will be seeing is sort of winds because into tomorrow, especially e're going to be calm even for those north ba and inland areas that yeah ill have been hanging on to the wind at times but as daria noted many of you right along the bay noted yesterday was a perfectly cam for those areas that were closer to the water san francisco had a beautil one yesterday as did oakland down to san jose even up to santa sa wasn't bad. it's once you head upinto solano
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and napa counties hat you're really started to see ose heavy winds now high pressure is built up to our west we still do ve that dry inland air that's trying to make its y out to the coas one of the reasons we're so mild and onof the reasons nap and fairfield yeah, you illgot the wind while other areas are nice and calm. we will look at these winds tempering into the afternoon look at that napa fairfield really calming down later on today so do expect breezy conditions to start but we are going to be loong at wind advisories tell 11:00am for portio of sonoma napa and marine counties making our way into the afternoon in those upper elevation areas daytime highs today will rise into the. >>60's with a financial and missiodistricts each at 66 degrees for your daytime highs. daly city overnight and half moon bay chad 66 asell upper 60's for south san francisco burlingame down through foster city in mountain view at 68 degrees each south bay temperatures
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just shy of 70 in santa clara down to san jose whilthe east bay also looking at ytime highs well above average, either the upper 60's or w 70's, a lot of 70's in the north b area off some winds from time to time but those winds generally do tend to come into the later part of the day. tomorrow a nice and y one us a nice and warm 1, upper 60's thursday and friday a little cooler to close out the week but feeling really good because it's not going to be windy and you still got plenty sunshine. >>robert all right. thank yo let's check in traffic we're off to a really good start we have some minor crowding here on the san mateo bridge that's completely normal. so the commute over to the peninsula ll be a little busy here westbound on 92 from the tolls along the fl section to the high rise and it's going toase up so we're putting a at 17 minutes and growing to make it to san mateo om oakland to san francisco there's a owd here on 80's filling back tord the 80 over crossing. so e're
5:19 am
more traffic rolling in but it's really not going to be a problem for you it's very quiet here only a 12 minutes off to the fremont street exi we don't have any t spots and check out these freeways and drive tis they look really good coming from the east shore 15 minutes, 80 west from crockett to the maze you're fine on 24 out of wannacry looking good on both 5 80 and the making away from 38to downtown oakland darya thanks roin is 5.19 and take a look at this. >>people at surfing. in san francisco. how better right right there on the back of a train as you can see here standing on the hawk that is all along 19h avenue in the city dangerous. yes cobblers dan thorn has more. videos of a man illegally hitching a ride on an sf muni train are turning heads and raising red flags about safety. a second angle showing a man wearing a backpack seemingly carefree as a way to
5:20 am
some riders inside are heard laughin but others say this behavior is not funn it's azy i i can't believe people are so wreckless eric make he says he uses muni to get around the city evy day he thinks ople who do this should understand w dangerous it is and how bly an accident may hurt not only themselves but other riders. >>i think we'll all be diupted some up ahead a bubbly in li support somewhere this wasn't the only time you the surfing has been caught oncamera another video shows a man th skateboard having fun and bopping along near 17th street. >>muni writer munir tr says that he's not surprised to see things in some cases the muni trains mighbe too full and some people could bedesperat to get a ridmunition by put more chaiso people don't think that they need that they have the need to.
5:21 am
>>jumpon the back. a spokesperson for sfmta which oversees muni tells kron 4 news that train pping is illegal and dangerous the agen is right now exploring options toraise awareness to keep this from happening to you can't regulate stupidity but i think you know just that. >>a little common sese. >>all of us can go a long way. >>reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >>well ppening now rred ambassars are patrolling tins and platforms working to improve safety during the pilot program the 10 uniformed ambassadors will patrolling trains and platforms in pairs 7 days a week, they'll be an exa set of eyes and presence on trains riders willee them routes like the corrid from 12 street and oakland a civic center stations butas night also ride the end of e lines well. >>we'll be right in that raise it be more viible haven't gh visibility on a train.
5:22 am
what role in a kindof the escalating situation is where we don't necessarily have to call the poice and es educate in give people resources that we have i think that's the best y they will be able to impact the community i mean going to grad school to our everyday to grad school wasn't >or my sake is a >>yeathe 6 month program ends august but we'll continue to talk with writers to see how the ogram is working and if it is extent it we'll see. we'll take a time coming up here on the kron 4 morning news gusty winds to blame r breaking some windowsat e millennium tower we'll show you how o city leaders reacting this morning and after the break democratic presidtial candidate mike bloomberg rolled out his immigration plan we're going hear om a member of his campaign team on whhis vision f immigration in califnia
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democrat running for president is better than the criminal in the whithouse. we all have progressive plans to adess the big challenges facing our country. what makes me different, is i've been worki
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>>25 democratic candidate michael bloomberg unveiled his immigration pl if elected president capitol bureau reporteashley zavala takes a look at how it uld impact our state. >>as democratic presidential candate, mike bloomberg rolls out his immigration plan campaign officials say immigraon has been a focal point of clashes between california and the current administration, e plan of respect and integrity which is something that we haven't seen. >>in a very long time coming from the adminiration donald trump bloomberg's immigration plan rolls ckseveratrump
5:26 am
administration policies, including the current travel ban of immigrants from some muslim d african countrie the former mayor of new york says he'll hold funding for the wallt the southern border is typically that plan a pa to a pathway to citizenship for 11 million immigrants in this country. >>it wouldrestore a the prisions are programs are for young dreamers are for those immigrants that benefit from irms such as tvs. >>and back onthe bloomberg also aims to address the immigratioand naturalization backlog which is currently more than 1 million cases pending his plan also opens of citizenship opportunities for immigrts who start up businesses graduate with fields and who are doctors a nurses more than a quarter of california's population is several awsuits pending as against the federal government on immigration policies. care to undocumented healt immigrants under 26 and may soon offer it to imgrants seniors mike as a the california is a state to
5:27 am
follow with california having an early and prinent voice in the primaries. bloomberg's campaign sa it's putting lot of focus in this state reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>santa lara county is ving the way and processing rates cases, theycan solve aau can my side be firm? and my side super soft yes. with the sleep number 360, you can both adjust your comfort wi your sleep numberetting. can it help me fall aslp faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can itelp keep masleep? absolutely, it intelligently sees your movements and automatilly adjusts to keep you both mfortable. soyou can really promise betterleep? not promise.rove. and now, during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds.on.
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fisn't just about polarears. we're fighting for our liv, we're fightingor clean airnd clean water. that's why i wte the law to send billions fr polluters to communits suffering the most.
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anonly one candidate for president was with us back then, tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to ke can air and cleawatea right for everyo regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. >>it happened for nick tuesday morning. w we roll will
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some of our bridges went from wide open to now packed so updated on the weather front we're looking at you're saying the winds caing down once again. more today a little stepdown today, everyone around ice itwas this morning. i was like oh we'll get because it really is a nice morning, but yes, still windin a couple of spot looking out there berkeley san francisco in the distance a lookinpretty good. no fog. no cloud cover this morning. what you are going to see are those brzy spots in the north bay and then some common areas elsewre like right along the bay up one oh 01:00am on the east bay also pretty lm this morning winds generally do come down for the north bay on into the afternoon today. so r last taste of this windy ather that we've seen the past couple of days for northern neighbors while the rest of us have already been seeing calm weather such as ride along the bay yesterday and will continue to see just that today. >>lots ofsunshine later on once the n does come up nothing to interrupt that. and right now we're already in the 's 50's and even 60's fo
5:31 am
temperatures livermore oakland. berkeley all in the 60s currently napa valais me in san francisco, not far off from tho numbers at 58 or 59 degrees so a mild start and t downright warm finish to the day later with daytime highs back into the 60's and 70's a lot like yesterday. >>rort alright it's getting busy out there check in on 92 we have a lot of traffic here bridge it starts back on the hayward side before the toll plaza and then pretty much you're ust stuck in the crowd making it to the high rise. so we'realready up to 18 minutes for your erage to on on one a full house at the bay bridg toll plaza so for 80 if you're about to use the bay bridge you're back of starts on the oakland side way back and west grand that's going contie right up the incline the golden gate looksood so no proems between the north bay and san francisco, this is one of the easier commute at 19 minus novato to the toll plaza james darya. >>thank you very much rob a so our big story this half
5:32 am
hour comes out of the south bay whersanta clara county is leading the way in processing untested rape kits case of kron 4 sarah stinson t is live in front of county building with the details on this era. >>santa clara county is definitely leading the way in processing these rape kits, they're doing it in less than 30 days and that's definitely less than 30 days that's basically the cap and that's leading to more arrested in assault cases now nta clara county supervisors. they voted to make this happen back in a 20 and at that time it took about 94 days to process kids now the average kid is tually being for produced within 16 days. so that's really good a huge difference and the assault response team says stranger those kits are teed within 5 to 7 days. the team has also nad to clear all backlogs in his up to date
5:33 am
on all pending cases. this response time is far greater an counties across our state and even our country ths is helping solve the the assault cases, quicker including one rlier this month when a young san jose woman s sexually assaulted the evidence the crime lab with priority and en within 48 hos there was a match with the suspect and officers were able to make an arrest now todaysanta clara county supervisors will hear this good news from that team and the santa clara county district attorneys will present this report and then at 9 o'clock this morning. they plan on doina little press conference with some of the medi to further explain that cases told you about and about their successes for no live in san jossarah stion kron 4 news. >>all right, thk you very much sara. >>it's 5.3right now and high winds are being blamed for shattering a wdow at the millennium tower scary of that the situation is it's another problem of course for the gh rise. >>that all right tell us a
5:34 am
leading myself i now been sinking and tilting in leading ever since it was built add e more cuts to the colu of people criticizing that structure now one city leaders expressing his new concerns about the time we got kron four's mark kelly to plain. the yellow tape blked off streets around the millennium responded after shattered glass was discovered. >>on the streets below at around 11:30am sunday, th park on top of the transbay transit center was also close the public has oken shards were picked up it turns out the glass came from a atterewindow on the 41th floor which has since been coved upwitha patch, no injuries were eported which at least one passer by noted was very lucky help we was a sunday low traffic day the city's department of building inspectiocame out to e luxury condo building sunday and we're back out ain on scene monday. >>they say they've requested an engineering report from the building's management buildi inspectors have been he several times in recent years
5:35 am
since the now infamous tower was discovereto be sinkg and now leaves nearly a foot and a half. an engineering fix for that problem is expected to get under way some time this year a spesperson for the millennium tower homeowners association says the shattered window has no relationship to the structural tegrity of this buildi. >> calls it a fluke that's both combination of mother natu an human error. he says the redent of this particular condo inadvertently left the window open and was not at home when sunday's gale force windwhipped up it caused the window to bak the city needs to. >>make thhomeners aociation and developer accont to thr windows system this is something that thmillennium tower isn't y. supervisor. aaron peskin his district earthquake prone town the high winds are not recod wins by any stretch of the the fact th this could happen to a window at was open that's
5:36 am
crispy acceptable is and it's unacceptable to the department building inspection. and is profoundly ngerous.the spokespeon for the homeowners association says alof the building's winds have been inspected over theast year and a half. >>and residents have now been alerted to clostheir windows when there's a notification of a high wind event in the future. >>maureen kelly kron 4 news. in the east bay oakland police are looking r he owners of tools that were found in a stolen ca >>here's a closer lo at the tools. th're worth about $12,000. and hey were side a stolen car police stopped ended on 73th avenue and san leandro street. the man who was drivwas arrested d charged some of the tools are beled with naes on them an codes and things as you can see if you think some of these belong to you call the oakland lice. 16 years this charged
5:37 am
with using a car to attack a police officer in fremont take a look at the car. after it crashed near a gas station early sunday morning there on its side. police had chased to a felony theft before the chase the teenageramme the officers atrol car, the 16 year-old now faces several charges. >>the seven-time let's head ov to alameda county now ere the sheriff's deputies, there. they're suing the president of the toronto raptors over last year's scuffle in oakland. you may remember this video from last june when the raptors won the nba championships over the warriorsheriff's deputy allen strklin claims that he stopped raptors prident from going to the court because he didn't provide the proper credentials. we that led to a shoving match stricklin claims it. the raptors presidt him in the face and chest with both fists, causing him physical mental. even economiinjuries. the suit is seing $75,000 in damages a
5:38 am
statement from the rafters says the strickland's claims are seless and without merit. in october prosecutors decied not to file charges. >>getting a homecoming at the chase center in a touching reunion with his former teammat on the warriors will bring that to plus more cies in california maybe forced to crack down air bnb sites but details on a recent protest in a davis neighborhood and net children are tossed arou inside a bus during a crash will have mor of the shocking video coming up. and looking outside this morning hard to believe temperatures in the 60's for oakland in livermore right now, b yeah, very mild start to this when tuesday morning. your forecast is ahead. >>and some bay arebridges are packed and look like this a nice ride here on 5 west to the north bay 7 minutes for
5:39 am
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5:42 am
somareas yesterday too. now tomorrow daytime highs will into the uper 40's for the sierra nevada we are going to stay warmer than average up there with no snowfall sights, not necesrily your ideals ski conditions, but roadways will be nice and ear daria. >>thanks a lot john the time now is 5.42 and we're looking at soe shocking new video inside a school bus when it crashed and 8 students re injured. this is a crash that happened inperry county ohio la december. joseph thorton was driving a car when he ran a red light and hit the bus and all of thkids went flying. the bus landed on its side. kids on that bus le one upside down and wedged in there and then there trying to sort of free themselves for each other walk sideways it's eaning on itside. it's that the kids were not seriously hurt. that driver who hit them turns out he was driving on a suspended license.
5:43 am
>>break here's a quick live look outside of san francisco international airport where the sks are clear and the winis coming down home but nevertheless call ahead you. it won't make sure your flight on time we have a number of the delayed and outright canceled over the past upl of days.
5:44 am
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5:46 am
member of the miami heat that's right before the game of course 80 s welcomed home by s old teammates at the chase cenr inthe whole crowd, there loved having him back take a ok. >>the greate lawyers in the history of the organization back. the steand re matos job so much easier as well as coach kerr and all th coaching staff. so wee indebted to this man for what he gave usit is good at the back straight. can't wait to see your jersey in the rafters on tuesday. but thank everybody that suppted us supported me. my entire time here it definitely feels like here it definitely feels like homeevery happy for the warriors at first other sad game for the warriors a of baskets. so
5:47 am
anay. the heat on this at 13 1 on the final score cold state now officially guaranteed a losing season by the way for the first time since 2011 the massas it all locked up so wee definitely nna lose more this season and we with the warriors real your and now we have even know be taking on the phoenix ill office. >>5.47 right now and it is pretty nice out there this morning, super nice has prised use it is gointo get better and better each day it's getting better and better and calmer and calmer yeah, which wa really the only catch bout sunday, there a yesterday oiously cause a problem for golfe to but today we are lookg at calmer conditions and just keep in the nice temperatures in the sunny skies which is the thing we want to keep around fo much li the rest of the cisco bait, no fog to block out this view we're going to see clear sks. well through the course of your morni so not a foggy morning commute we're not going be looking at a lot
5:48 am
of winds right alongside the bay either and we're going to stay dry with this high-pressure ridge still sitting there in place if anything it's only expanded over the west coast still drying out some of that warm inland the air into the bay and a still a bit of their easy for na and fairfield areas with winds gusting high as 2025 miles per hour this morning. you do generally see winds coming down into the afternoon and by e time we work into the finish of the day all of us not just bayse and north areas but also out towards solano county which yesterday we'll see some much calmer conditions around t corner and a good chance to finay enjoy the 70's without worrying about the breeze so much still under wind advisories d tell 11:00am today for upper or brand sonoma napa counties. these areas still prone some of those peak wind but we are going to ke i've been saying after 11:00am see those winds starting to temper. temperatures today will be in the 60's for most areas
5:49 am
whether out the coast or further inland we're all gog to be well above average as far astemperatures go. good day get outside enjoy some sunshineyet again hopefully got a chance to do that yesterday very close to 70 degrees in our south bay cities with temperatures also very close to 70 if not quite getting there for concord walnut creek in richmond over in the east bay north bay, some of our warmest areas sure will windy to start in vacaville in fairfield but you also do have some calmer conditions this afternoon to enjoy those mid 70's under now into tomorrw temperatures pretty similar to today's lots of sunshine to continue and dry conditions as well come friday, we are going to see more dry skies withighs in the mid 60'for valentine's day. robert thank you john let's head over to a 92 want to take a peek at traffic. >>leaving hayward heading over tothe peninsula. these folks are heading west. and the ting stuck in a little bit of heavy traffic here from ght before the toll plaza tothe high rise. so that's not going to be too bad, it doesn'stick with you the entire way. but
5:50 am
right now you're climbing your ive times goinup at 19 minutes off to what i want for checkingin on the bay bridge and it's been a nicesmooth commute some so far into san francisco on 80 the backups stretching out too west grd it's well beyond the 80 ov crosng yet but not through the maze not yetwe're still looking at a 10 15 minutes for your average in re's a peek at some more numbers summer drive time just in case your commutes on traffic tracker here take a look we ave 5.80 livermore to dublin. tht's going west it's 10 minutes 6.80 dubn to fremont that's picking up we call that moderate crowding it's only 17 minutes to make it to fremont the nimitz is looking good to 37 islooking good lesthan 10 mutes to one oh one in sunnyvale darya back to robin there's going a position against air bnb rentals in ridential neighborhoods and it may force anothecity to crack down. lonnie wong has the story from davis. >>this residential nehborhood in uth davis
5:51 am
seems quiet enoh, but asked living in this house, the one as an air nb it's like living net to a motel that clark has lived in this call this after 36 years homeowners he can deawith it a ighborly way the different strange is checking in and out at this air bnb is 3 units is a no go constant to slamming of ca doors and strange people. almosdaily basis pictures show wt it's like in a cul de sac with limited pking moving vans on the curb alg with cars blocking driveways so you don't know what to expect neighbor. cao martinez says noisfrom guess in the house's patio is an issue that ddn't exist with former longtie renters and the police have been here wice in recent weeks for disturnces to have this type of activity cycle. anoer big live in this davis ers that neighborhood is what's happened another air b and b's in the regionast year there wee 2 killis thatair bnb isin north highlandsand fair oaks more recently 5 people
5:52 am
were killed at an air bnb gathering in orinda lately what'sbeen happening in wind and all these her places you just don't know. the city initially had a hands off policy to encourage the establishment of air bnbe's more recently 's collected to the tune of $185,000 a bnb year. now the city council is being asked whether wants to set rules restricting the number of guests with a member of days an air bnb can operate require voters to live site or even banning them from residential neighborhoods all together like other cities have done get a handle on this fore something really bad happensthe city council can also do nothing and try to enforce current nuisance ordinances in davis one e wong >>coming up at 6 o'clock we'r going to introduce u to a remarkable northern california womanwho spent years rescuing and habilitating animals
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>>anwe're back at 5.55 the trump admistration says it billion next year to help this page 8 of space agency return. astronauts to the on. the mountain view are in mount yes should say nasa showed off some of the equipment thats going be used to make that happen in there's a supersonic wind tunnel th've just created measures, 9 feet by 7 feet. and here's some materials inside that tunnel
5:56 am
is it's going to use to test new space launchsyems and rockets that will carry astronauts and their equipment to space. nass director says the extra money, we'll keep nasa's plans on track of this budget profile invest over billion in the first human landed systems for the moon since e apollo era. >>so it it's real represents a commitment from from the administration into what nasa what they've asked nasa to do which is to return to the mo and then go on to mars. >>that if all goes. well, nasa says it will be sending men and women back to the moon in the year 2024. we'll take a break coming up in the next hour teachers in san ramon have voted to authorize a strike. >>we'll tell you what they're fightinfor in a live report and when that strike might happened. plus one very unty is extending its local him or health emergency as more cases of coronavirus are discovered worldwide talk about the local impact and also happening now floatingin new hampshire's primary is underway. election
5:57 am
organizers are under extra pressure to make sure everything runs smoothly after the chaos, we sain state to the kron 4 morning news at 6 starts in just a few minutes, here's a live. looat san mateo bridge. robin winston following growing traffic on this tuesday morning. we'll get updates from her on any hot spots and john travel we'll talk more about art. breezy day ahead, alth
5:58 am
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thanks for joining us n this tuesdai'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got lots to get to in the news, but also on the weather and traffic for 2 there are some things you need to know before you head outside his firstget the word on the road driving the ive times are on the rise. no surise right it's getting heavier and heavier so we'll checkin on the bridges and the east shore freeway have a new crash all right and then the word n the street is no more when does that happen and today working our way t a smooth sailing for much the rest the week ahead of us so that is the best word that i think a lot of us could be talking about after what was such a windy start to the week you can see a bit of sunshine out there now that the sun has pulled over the horizon just a touch from the li observatory going to be a beautiful crtal clear day much like yesterday where you saw that sunshine and nicecalm winds right along the bay you've got a repeat f that today we do still have some breezy areas like in sonoma calif still going out


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